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Telehealth Solutions

NEU! THE FIRST NeuPTTech CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER IN SEATTLE! Cutting Edge Technology Redefining Electronic Stimulation to Remodel Your Nervous System!


Although we encourage patients to join us at our clinic for hands-on care, we are sensitive to the fact your location, schedule or health condition may prohibit travel.  Our telehealth solutions offer access to our therapists for private, one-on-one treatment via your compatible mobile device, computer or tablet.  Contact us for your free 30 minute screen.

Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a complex process.  After a comprehensive evaluation examining your health history, symptoms and lifestyle, our therapists help you create a goal for recovery beyond just relieving the pain.  Our practitioners will tailor treatment around your specific, self-defined wellnes goals.  Goals could include climbing Mt. Rainier for the first time or simply improve your fitness to care for your grandchildren with greater vitality and ease.  A & C P.T.  is not just a recovery center, we are a springboard for new successes.




A & C P.T. is more than just Rehab - we are Prehab.  A & C P.T. directs treatment beyond your current condition to identify potential problems before they start.  Have you always wanted to run a marathon but have been worried about hurting your knees?  Let us help you train while IMPROVING knee health and PREVENTING injury.  Did you know running with good technique can help prevent osteoarthritis while poor form can create it?

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OPTIMIZED SUCCESS ON YOUR TERMS'. Looking to fund the perfect training or wellness plan online? Good luck. You won't find one that melds your specific physical therapy needs with your training goals whether it general wellness or a 1/2 marathon.  No pre-packaged program will account for your specific back problem or the fact you only have an at-home gym or no gym at all.  Nor will it account for work schedule or family obligations.  My-P.T. DOES.  Following one in-clinic evaluation or Telehealth session, our professionals will CUSTOMIZE a plan with WEEKLY modifications and DIRECT ACCESS to our therapists REMOTELY.  

Sports Conditioning & Gait Analysis




Physical Therapy For Cancer Rehabilitation

As athletes themselves, our therapists love nothing more than to help you achieve your fitness goals.  We have improved athletes' performance in a wide variety of sports, from Elite gymnasts and  Crossfit competitors to rock/ice climbers and gold metal runners. 


Have the side effects of cancer treatment affected your quality of life and decreased you mobility and strength?  Statistically, once patients with cancer become sedentary their mortality increases by 60 percent secondary to decreased strength and mobility.  This leads patients to have less confidence in performing recreational and activities of daily living, essentially affecting there laity of life.  Physical therapy specializing in cancer rehabilitation and prevention of lymphedema, or in conjunction with lymphedema therapy, can dramatically improve the impairments associated with cancer treatment and help you get back to doing things you enjoy.  Cancer rehabilitation works very well with TeleHealth solutions if your condition makes travel challenging, or you simply want more privacy.