Best physical therapists in the NW!! If you want an entire body, holistic approach and don’t just treat symptoms ... Their approach is unique and they have helped me, my family and several friends heal and avoid surgery.
— Christie Moore

Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation

Manual Therapy is our claim to fame. Unique, cutting edge manual therapy techniques allow our staff to gain better results than other more conventional treatment strategies offered by other physical therapy clinics or chiropractic clinics. We do not use passive treatment such as alternating current electrical stimulation, ultrasound or ice packs.

After a comprehensive evaluation examining your health history, symptoms and lifestyle, our therapists help you create a goal for recovery beyond just relieving the pain.  Rehabilitation is tailored around your specific, self-defined wellness goals with all diagnosis whether plantar fasciitis, chronic back pain or shoulder impingement. Goals could include climbing Mt. Rainier for the first time or simply improve your fitness to care for your grandchildren with greater vitality and ease.  A & C P.T.  is not just a recovery center, we are a springboard for new successes.

The staff has an excellent background and are very experienced. They also continue to educate themselves on current research in order to provide the highest quality of care possible, and are always looking for new and creative ways to not only help the patient but also keep it interesting.
— Stephanie Pau
NeuFit Neubie
NeuFit Neubie

Treatment & Performance

The Neufit Neubie is arguably THE most highly advanced and effective electronic stimulation devices in existence, and we are the ONLY CLINIC IN WASHINGTON to offer both Neufit and NeuPTTech certified care.

Think of the Neubie as an eraser of pain. Using direct current, not alteration current like TENS units, the Neubie talks directly with your nervous syetem to reprogram your brain, like a software update to remove the bugs.

Believe it or not, the Neubie uses the exact same frequency of electricity as your nervous system to communicate with your muscles. Each physical therapist using the Neubie at our clinic can literally override the inappropriate signals sent by your nervous system - including the electrical input controlling your muscles with activity and posture. By eliminating the incorrect input to your muscles the Neubie can change the output. In this case the output is expressed by a reduction in pain! As a secondary benefit, depending on the setting, the Neubie can help with digestion and general relaxation. Believe it our not, our expert clinicians have even used the NeuFit Neubie to successfully improved mobility for stroke patients and eliminate neuropathy from chemo therapy during cancer care! For many patients, their pain goes away while using the Neufit Neubie. Often patients leave our clinic pain free. Talk with us to find out if the Neubie can help you.

I visited them to see if they could help me with my knee problem. I am now stronger than I have ever been and I owe them for keeping me healthy and able bodied. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a physical therapist.
— Jana Kleitch

Special Services: Telehealth, Cancer Care & ‘Pre-Hab’

Beyond traditional physical therapy utilizing movement, modalities and manual therapy, A & C P.T offers special services catering to those with more specific needs.  

Telehealth: Unable to come to the clinic secondary to your location or condition?  We offer Telehealth utilizing real-time interactive therapy using your computer, PDA or cell phone.  Explore TeleHeath today.

Cancer Care: Battling Cancer? A & C P.T. can help prevent cancer treatment from putting your life on hold. Our therapists can help you improve mobility and strength as well as help to prevent lymphedema. A & C P.T. can even help those struggling with neuropathy to walk better and perform activities of daily living with more confidence. Don’t let cancer treatment take control over your life. Consult with out staff to see if we can help you.

Prevention - or ‘Pre-Hab’: Do you go to the dentist for check ups?  It’s important to prevent cavities by cleaning things up and identifying potential red flags for future dental issues.  Nobody wants extra hardware, nor the cost of installation.  Give your musculoskeletal system the same courtesy.  We can identify dysfunctional movement patterns and postural problems to prevent low back pain, hip pain and neck pain before it starts.  Join us for some Pre-Habilitation session!