TeleHealth Solutions

TeleHealth lets you maximize the benefits of physical therapy while maximizing time and minimizing the stress or commuting.

Quality Care:

  • One-on-one care: Every session is spent with a licensed PT or PTA. No physical therapy aids or interns.
  • Full sessions:  Patients receive a full 45 minute appointment as if in the clinic.
  • Interactive treatment:  Therapists can teach and guide you through real life demonstration.

Insurance Friendly:

  • FREE 30 minute assessment:  Every new patient is entitled to a free assessment to assess your needs before commiting to treatment or using insurance benefits.
  • Covered by insurance: You do not need to pay extra for Telehealth.  This convenient solution is billable to your insurance provider.
  • Turn-Key billing: We can invoice you via email for any co-pay or financial liability you may have depending on your provider.

Fast and Easy Connectivity:

  • Real Time interactive care:  Telehealth features two-way video and audio interaction.
  • Device flexibility: Smartphone, Tablet and computer friendly
  • No hassle connectivity: No need to download special applications
  • Real time scheduling capability: Patients can schedule their next appointment while connected to a therapist
  • Accessible anywhere: All you need is wi-fi and a suitable environment to perform therapeutic movement, whether at home or at the office.

Take Telehealth for a spin.  Contact us.