What People Are Saying ... 


~ Tamara Diles, Gymnastics coach, Crossfit competitor ad proud mother of two

"As a 35 year old ex elite gymnast and pole vaulter, I could not be where I am today (physically) without the help of Anderson and Cattone PT. I have dealt with a lot of injuries throughout my career and spent several years seeing multiple PT’s for different reasons and never getting results I wanted. In fact, before I began working with Sarah, I thought PT was useless. I have now been seeing them for over seven years as maintenance for my body to help me continue to stay competitive in Crossfit and live a pain free life! I whole heartedly believe that anyone in the area in need of PT or just better mobility, should work with Anderson and Cattone PT. They are amazing!"

~ Paula. A. Business professional and competitive weight lifter

“As a national-level weightlifter for nearly 10 years, Anderson and Cattone P.T. is one of the best clinics for high-level athletes that I have ever worked with."

~ Brian Landau & Claudio DiazDeLeon

"A&C P.T. has helped us keep very active and healthy lifestyles as avid trail runners, hikers and general fitness nuts, we push ourselves hard and as a result injure ourselves now and then. A&C P.T. provides great hands-on therapy and their thoroughness and attention to detail helps sort out deeply rooted problems - some of which we did not know we had - allowing us to recover more quickly and return to our normal activities, including running with better form! Our experience with A&C P.T. is always positive and always includes a bit of humor."