Anderson & Cattone Physical Therapy

Anderson & Cattone P.T. is THE holistic gateway for musculoskeletal health in Downtown Seattle …
— M.H. M.D.

Welcome to Anderson & Cattone Physical Therapy, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Seattle.  We serve adults, children and athletes alike, priding ourselves on expert, unbiased non-discriminator care.

Therapeutic Model: Here, our practitioners use a holistic approach to physical therapy, where the scope of care reaches far beyond simply treating the symptoms and naming the pain.  Our DOCTORS of physical therapy help patients examine all elements of their lifestyle contributing to their condition, from how they eat to how they sleep.  In concert with advanced manual therapy techniques and personalized therapeutic movement, Anderson & Cattone P.T.  empowers patients with working knowledge to help themselves.  Not only do patients find relief from their symptoms after leaving our clinic, they walk away with the tools to PERFORM LIFE BETTER.


Sarah Anderson DPT, OCS, MTC, FAAOMPT, Owner

Graduating from University of St. Augustine in 2002, Dr. Anderson has mastered advanced techniques in manual therapy taught by the founder of the specialization himself, Dr. Stanley Paris. Dr. Anderson is a Certified Manual Therapist and Orthopedic Board Certified Specialist. Beyond her academic expertise, Sarah prides herself on giving every patient the tools to help themselves. Dr. Anderson has also furthered her education to become a Fellow of the American Academy Of Manual Therapy.


Noal Cattone PTA, NeuPTTech Neubie Certified, Owner

Noal graduated top of his class at both Pacific Lutheran University and later PIMA Medical Institute.  Prior to a career in physical therapy, Noal excelled as a professional rock-climbing guide, collegiate ski coach and self-employed certified personal trainer.  His creative interdisciplinary approach and experience teaching movement guarantee a fluid transition from clinical treatment to real-life application.  Noal is especially passionate about gait training for runners and teaching functional exercise to outdoor enthusiasts.


Stacey Schwartz, DPT

Stacey graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree from New York Medical College. Her passion lies in working collaboratively with patients toward a common goal to improve strength, mobility and correct biomechanics. Stacey enjoys working with the orthopedic and athletic population, specifically those with knee and shoulder injuries. When not working, Stacey enjoys being humbled by the daily WOD at her Crossfit gym.

Haleigh picture.jpg

Haleigh Parola, DPT

Haleigh graduated from The George Washington University’s DPT program in Washington, DC. As a lifelong horseback rider, she enjoys working with other “unconventional athletes” who may be uncomfortable in the gym to help them reach their fitness goals. With a comprehensive approach to patient care, she aims to empower patients to make lasting changes and enhance their overall wellness. New to the Seattle area, Haleigh spends most of her time outside of the clinic trying out new hikes and exploring all that the PNW has to offer.