Knee Pain

Neck Pain is common and normal, especially for those who have full time jobs, families and/or participate in sports.


  • Recurring pain or pain that does not go away?

  • Pain tat limits your activity. Can’t change lanes on the highway without turning you shoulders?

  • Numbness or  tingling in your arms, wrists or hands?

  • Loss of motion and flexibility?

  • Headaches?

  • Weakness in your arms?

Why is neck pain so common and treatable with physical therapy?

Posture, disease, repetitive stress and even simply poor posture and diet can lead to neck pain. Believe it or not, falling on your tailbone can be impactful. Our bodies are complex.

How is neck pain treated at Anderson & Cattone physical therapy?

Most importantly, our physical therapists will assess how you move. Most problems are developed not as a result of one insult. Functional movement will be assessed. Posture. Strength. Fexibility. We help you negotiate with your body to find therapeutic movement strategies to solve your current ailment and prevent future ailments. We also dovetail our treatment strategies with your wellness goals - sport specific or simply to accommodate playing with your grandkids.

We use highly specific manual therapy techniques and educated coaching for therapeutic exercise to provide your personalized solution.

We can help you correct muscle imbalances, instability, decreased mobility and loss of strength. Most importantly we will help you achiev your expectation of full function without pain.