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Do you see your doctor each year for an annual check up?  ... perhaps a dentist for teeth cleaning?  Dermatoligist?  Why not a physical therapist for your musculoskeletal health?  Our experts are trained to identify your problems before they start.  Markers for low back discomfort, future knee  pain and even headaches are often evident well before the onset of symptoms.  Just like checking you blood pressure and prophylactic tooth care, physical therapy can protect and preserve you health and vitality.  Oil change every 3000 miles? You are in the drivers seat.


I am perfectly healthy and have been running for years, why should I come in?

90% of our patients suffer from ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ syndrome.  It is not one incident or accident that creates the majority of musculoskeletal ailments, it is the smaller stuff that adds up over years of abuse.  'If it ain't broke don't fix it' does not apply when talking about running stride or gait.  Pain and discomfort can be right around the corner if technique is not optimized.   Have you ever heard someone say running is bad for your knees?  Bad running IS  bad for your knees.  Good running is therapeutic.

The MD and orthopedic surgeon said I need surgery.  Why P.T.?

Time to recovery from surgery varies greatly between individuals having the same surgery.  Recovery time is not strictly dictated by age, attitude and general health.  A patient's strength and level of conditioning PRE-surgery plays a huge roll in rehabilitation.  Someone that goes in for a knee replacement with strong hips will have a more timely recovery than a patient who neglects their fitness prior to the procedure.

DON'T ALWAYS TRUST YOUR MD OR ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON.  Other health care professionals may not always know how effective good physical therapy can be.  Here at Anderson & Cattone P.T., we care less about what the imagery says and more about your level of function.  Evidence based research now shows that physical therapy produces BETTER outcomes than surgical intervention for many common problems including disc herniations, ACL ruptures and meniscal tears!